About Us

Officially, LatexWorkShops began in 2007. The first ever Latex Workshop in the United Kingdom.
Our objective is to help you make latex clothes, with the minimum fuss and expense, just the most enjoyment.
You do not need to have any experience or knowledge. On the website we provide useful information and free tutorials. We also have a free Newsletter, out most months, to get the latest tutorials first & extra useful information.  For the very keen we provide Workshops.
Naturally you are always welcome to contact us, we are always happy to help, and answer all questions within a day.
It’s all about fulfilment and we make that happen.

About Goldust ~ The Founder

I’ve been making latex clothes for many, many years, starting when the only thing available was a bicycle repair kit!
It was a very ‘creative’ time, which made it even more enjoyable for me, as I’m a natural day-dreamer. Happily, I am naturally good at making clothes and always won the best-dressed prizes, leading to be a model in shows in Berlin and London. Then I was asked to be General Manager of Libidex, Liberation & Radical Rubber;  whilst there, for a happy couple of years, I was very glad to see that making clothes on a production line was at exactly the same as on the kitchen table at home. As my friends, along with other professional requests kept on nagging me, so I started Latex Workshops. The first ever UK Latex workshop. Our workshops are still unique, due to my skills and experiences; you learn everything about making latex clothes, including new solutions I invented, plus block pattern making.
As an enthusiast I can answer any and all questions (emails) within a day.
As well as the sheer fun of making clothes, I think the feeling of being special and uniquely dressed should be for everyone. Therefore, I enjoy sharing my skills, knowledge and experience;
We are not here for a long time, just a good time, so I try to make the most of life.
Most of my life seems to be a series of fortunate accidents, I’ve led a very full life. From travelling all of the world for eight years, lived in a few countries, keep bees, have a couple of successful businesses, general holiday stuff like ballooning, going in a zeppelin, water skiing, skiing, para guiding and … the list is endless. And a bit more!
So now it’s time.
I wish to share my good fortune and experiences. To hopefully make you smile, here are a few photos from my days off !
I like being the best and I want the world to be happy!


When Partying & Clubbing

It seems a rather obvious to say ‘all you have to be is respectful’.
We dress up and go clubbing in an environment that is not shadowed by general society. It is enlightened. As such you can be free to be yourself. It is actually quite hard to find that person, let alone have the courage and freedom to be that person. As such, we hope others admire our strength, at the very least we expect to be respected. Naturally, we also hope to be liked for how we look. So if someone looks great; has an attractive style, beauty, clothing, piercing, body art, sexuality, perhaps please go and respectfully tell them & especially why. No need to tell them you fancy them, as they will know and if they like you, you will soon know :0
It’s so simple to be happy!
If someone is not to your taste, find someone whom is, there are lots of people. Please never be rude; you don’t want to lessen yourself. Fetish goers have strong characters so don’t pester them, you’re wasting your time. If you touch, without permission, it will not be appreciated, and chances are you will be expelled from the venue.

If Your Admired

If you find yourself being admired, it is likely to be out of wonderment or admiration. If an admirer seems over enthusiastic, please be patient, respectful, and inform them of your boundaries. We were all vanillas once.