Making it easy to locate any / every thing we need 

Useful to find the places where to buy what we need. Plus, if you can get to London, actual places to buy everything.

What we need is in this video

Laminated floor boards – Large DIY Centre, like B&Q or Homebase
Roller – It is actually a wallpaper edging roller. Wooden or plastic, don’t buy a sloping roller. DIY store.

Rubber                  – from any stationers like WH Smiths
Ruler                     – from any stationers like WH Smiths
B2 Pencil              – from any stationers like WH Smiths
Pencil sharpener – from any stationers like WH Smiths
Ruler 30cm          – from any stationers like WH Smiths

Gel Pen – White is the best colour (unless working on white, then gold), from an Art shop.

Tape measure       – from the pound shop
Pins (safety pins) – from the pound shop
Super glue             – from the pound shop
Talcum powder    – from the pound shop
Scissors                  – from the pound shop

Tweezers – accessory shop or chemist

Lint free medical clothes – inexpensive from the Internet. Here is one company Wipe shop. Telephone 01455 845855

Spatulas – any store card (0.8mm thick), from any local coffee shop

Glue (Bostik 3851)        – 5l tins available from Excel Adhesives, can be delivered.
Thinner (Cleaner 4 / Bostik 6009) – {pure heptane} 5l tins from Excel Adhesives can be delivered.
These are also available from the Internet, although on some outlets like eBay it is comparatively expensive (try not to buy the ones with brushes, as you should never use brushes for making seams).

Perv-O-Shine – PVC Polishing aid. Micro Chemical Products, 38 Swallow Drive, Milford on Sea, Lymington, Hants SO41 0XD Tel: 01590 641444
Silicone – latex or sex shops, sometimes chemists but don’t get a water based one!
Pjur, Eros and Vivishine are popular. As it is a lot cheaper and quintessentially the same lots of people on Fetlife use Industrial silicone.

Rotary cutter           – A local haberdashery
1m long steel ruler – very useful for patterns. A local haberdashery
Pattern Master       – very useful for patterns. A local haberdashery Or from – online. {Students get discounts}.


Haberdasheries are also, of course, good for cotton tape, zips (by the meter), studs and Bench top stud press; don’t buy the plastic Prym ones.

Soldering iron – Hardware store like Robert Dyas.

For more corset haberdashery, like boning … I’ve always found to be very good.

Anything else that you would like to know, please ask.