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Workshops ~~ Link
General comment ~ from a Bavarian!
I proudly presented my own first piece to some of my friends and they liked it a lot. Especially the fact that it was self-made 🙂
Nowadays it is quite rare to find people who share their own experiences and ideas, tricks and tips with others and letting them be part. I really appreciate this and will follow all your advices…
This was a very special case when a talented 13 year old came on a workshop … From his happy Dad
He was offered places at all the colleges he was interviewed for. He was admitted to a summer course with Kingston uni fashion school which was only for fashion students at uni but after refusing and we showed his work they allowed him to join it. He then came out top of the class for the final piece. This was all from his dedication and you giving him the opportunity and inspiration.
Thank you
Repairs ~ by post ~~ Link
From London
Thank you so for the photos! The logo looks awesome!
…. Thank you! The repair looks great.
From London
Thank you for making my catsuit come back to life.
The Book ~~ Link
From Reading UK
The book is great, the language is easy to understand an there is a lot of detail- alongside the diagrams. Would recommend! Ive made x2 outfits already during January and I ordered it as an xmas gift to myself.
So easy to follow, thank you. Life is a lot more fun…