Free Patterns

Here is a good start for some free patterns, we will add more as often as we are able …
Patterns should be freely offered, all these are ;


These have been graciously uploaded, are amazingly useful but please remember might not be your perfect size.

Panties, Mini skirt, Bra and a dress



Female arm binder

Plus – normal patterns!
There are lots of normal patterns but they not adjusted for latex; all you have to do is minus 10% from all horizontal measurements. (If a measurement is not vertical then it is horizontal). It is time consuming and unfortunately not easy!


Do it yourself

It is not so difficult to actually make your own pattern.
That also means that the pattern will fit you perfectly.

You can do this in a few ways;

‘Reverse Engineering’ ~ using you clothes to make a pattern.
Youtube how to make a pattern form your clothes

‘Flat Pattern’ ~ what I call simply to measure yourself and then mark your measurements on the paper.
‘Pattern cutting’ ~ following simply instructions from a book. It is straight forward and anyone can follow these instructions.

A very well used book, with most pattern cutters, to make perfect patterns, starting with the ‘bodice block’ is ‘metric pattern cutting for women’s wear’ (ISBN 978-1-4051-7567-8). All you have to do is minus 10% from the horizontal and only use 2cm (not 5cm as the book says) as the initial bust ease! It’s ease when you read the book.
** Always happy to help and good luck. **